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“Erin made the editing process very painless. In addition to getting my manuscript sculpted into something that I can be confident in, I also learned a lot along the way.”

~Jonathan Anderson, author of Guns and Bones

“I totally love Erin’s professionalism, availability, and passion. She does both my development and copy editing. My work is so so much better once she’s gone through it. She really can find the little things that can make my books better. And of course, she is so so easy to work with. She works with me, not for or against me. I like that I can call her and say, ‘Erin, how are WE going to fix this?’ then we start talking. It’s always a team effort.”

~Martine Lewis, author of the Gray Eyes series

“Every writer needs a good editor. Over the past few months I have been truly blessed to have my work crafted by Erin Liles, who is not just good but GREAT. Erin has a gift at finding a balance between serving the writer as the owner of the story, while expertly advising the writer how to rearrange and enhance his or her work, much as a great sculptor would guide a protégé to smooth a rough piece of clay into a sculpture to be enjoyed by the eyes of many. As the editing and revising process has gone forward with Erin’s counsel, I have seen my novel take shape into a story that just might be of interest to an agent or a publisher. Erin truly makes editing an art unto itself; moreover, an added bonus is that her fees are extremely reasonable. I can’t give Erin enough praise, and I highly recommend her to writers to edit their work.”

~James Jacobs, author of No Ordinary Season

“Erin is an absolute joy to work with! As a self-published author, I was very nervous to work with an editor–worried that he or she would try to change my style and vision. But there was no reason to fear! Erin completely understood my style and every suggestion worked to enhance my writing rather than constrain it. Her grammatical edits were exactly what I needed to tighten my story and take it to the next level. But Erin went above and beyond the call of duty–not only leaving helpful critiques, but also layering in encouraging comments that bolstered my confidence in my story. As soon as I received her edits, I knew it was the beginning of a wonderful working relationship and I’ve already contacted her about working on my next novel!”

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